Will my underfloor heating system effect my insulation?

If you have a solid concrete floor construction then the position of your insulation will differ dependant on whether you have a 24 hour heating cycle, or an intermittent heating application. If you have a 24 hour cycle it is beneficial to have the insulation layer below the concrete. This is because it is better to expose the thermal mass (the concrete) to the heating to allow it to be heated constantly and slowly through the concrete. However, if you have an intermittent system then it is beneficial to have the insulation layer below the screed, but above the concrete. This is so there is less thermal mass available to absorb and store the heat, and the heat will reach you quickly. You can also use underfloor heating systems in suspended timber floors, but it is always recommended that you have an intermittent system, as this arrangement has a low thermal mass. Please always refer to the instructions of the specific heating system manufacturer when dealing with the product.

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