What is the best way to secure my pitched roof insulation?

There is no best way to secure your roof insulation, but here are four ways that we would suggest:

  1. Secure the boards with ‘sarking clips’. Sarking clips hook over the rafters and then come down and provide support underneath the insulation board, almost in a ‘Z’ shape. This method would commonly be used in new builds, and is a more popular choice for builders.
  2. The use of a batten attached to the side of the rafter, which is normally 25x25mm, is a common choice.  Ensuring the battens are 25x25mm will leave enough room for services.
  3. Using a nail or screw, which is simply nailed into the rafter at sufficient intervals, is the most straightforward option. Fixings should always be secured so that they are 40mm proud of the joist. The boards are very lightweight and the simple nature of these fittings ensures that you would be able to do this at home yourself.
  4. You can also use insulated plasterboard, which has been cut to fit. At either end of the rafters timber noggins can be fixed to ensure the insulated plasterboard is secure.

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