What is the BBA / TIMSA U-Value Competency Scheme?

BBA Certificate CS/1004-2

We often talk, on our website and in our literature, about how the U-Value calculations that are carried out in our technical department are approved under the ‘BBA/TIMSA Scheme for Calculation Competency Part 1 – U value and condensation risk’ and we thought we should explain a bit more about what is involved in this process.

We’ve discussed previously about how you can tell that your U-Value is correct and the BBA Accreditation is a large part of this.

The BBA or British Board of Agrément, is the accrediting body for the scheme. It is a voluntary scheme, which covers walls, floors and roofs. It is typically covers constructions of masonry, steel frame and timber frame, however there are some areas it doesn’t cover, i.e. rainscreen cladding. The purpose of the scheme is:

‘to promote and assist accurate, objective and consistent calculation of U-Values and condensation risk within buildings’

In order to be certified under this scheme a rigorous, independent assessment process must be undertaken which shows that the certificate holder has both technical competency and in-house procedures to ensure that the calculations are correct, in the opinion of the BBA. There are four parts to this assessment process:

  1. An initial screening, which involves an advisor completing multiple calculations for each construction type using commercial software followed by a condensation risk analysis using commercial software. Then a long hand calculation with all workings shown is also carried out.
  2. An office inspection, as well as an interview which covers heat paths, relevant British Standards and the calculation software we use.
  3. Validation.
  4. Conclusions where the BBA provide any feedback on the assessment.

If successful, this is followed by the issue of a Certificate to the Applicant and ongoing monitoring process and internal procedures. This will involve training new staff and performing audits on procedures of how calculations are produced on a regular basis. This ensures that you can be confident that the calculations you receive from our technical department and those from our online U-value calculator are accurate. For more information about our BBA certification have a look at the technical services page on our website.

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