Waste Take Back Scheme by Kingspan Insulation

Kingspan Insulation waste take back scheme

Managing and recycling waste is an important way of making construction projects more environmentally friendly and is part of sustainable building schemes like BREEAM.

During World Green Building Week, we thought we would highlight one of the ways that Kingspan Insulation is helping to reduce a part of that waste.

Waste insulation is an inevitable feature when building a property, especially one which is properly insulated. At Kingspan we are committed to the principles of reducereuserecycle and our waste take back scheme applies these principles to the disposal of waste insulation.

It is inevitable that insulation offcuts will appear as the insulation is trimmed to follow the shape of internal spaces or cut to fit around openings. These offcuts and waste can be from 3 to 7% of the insulation boards used on the site and although lightweight, are often bulky and considered to be hard to recycle. In the past they have usually ended up being sent as mixed skip waste straight to landfill.

The Scheme
The waste take back scheme developed by Kingspan Insulation changes that by providing a method that enables these boards to be sorted from the general waste and then recycled.

The off cuts and waste insulation are separated out from the rest of the site waste by placing them straight into one tonne recycling bags that are provided by Kingspan when they deliver the insulation. It is important at this stage to make sure that the bags are not contaminated with other site waste as Kingspan can only handle the waste from the boards provided (and their packaging). When the bags are full they are stored in a central location, ready for pick up with the next delivery to the site.

Delievery Co-ordination
The advantage of coordinating with deliveries means that the lorries do not have to make separate trips, saving excess mileage resulting in less pollution and cost, ensuring the waste take back system isn’t emitting more carbon than it is saving. Wherever possible the last collection of waste insulation will be coordinated with another delivery in the area so a lorry isn’t sent out specifically just to pick up waste.

Recycling and Reusing
When the waste is back at the Kingspan site in Pembridge it is reused in a number of ways. Up to 3% of new insulation can comprise recycled products. Some of the waste goes into making a plastic MDF-type product, which is used for making worktops. The rest is shredded and compacted into briquettes which are used to fuel a local cement kiln.

Advantages of Scheme:

  • Can be used waste reduction targets. For example BREEAM is one of the major standards in showing that a building has been built in a sustainable manner. Using the waste take back scheme can help in achieving this by contributing towards credits in the Waste category of the BREEAM assessment.
  • Environmentally friendly. Recycling the insulation boards in this way means that they are not being sent straight to landfill, instead the insulation boards are recycled into a variety of products.
  • Can save money for the contractors. Using the waste take back scheme can be cheaper than sending the waste to landfill. (If the site is producing more than 1 skip’s worth of insulation waste)
  • Can reduce waste. As offcuts are placed separately to other waste it means that they are able to be reused if necessary. Sorting the insulation boards separately can make the workers more aware of the waste that they are producing.

Have a look at these case studies to see how it has worked in practice:

The Kingspan Insulation Waste Collection Service may not be suitable for every location and terms and conditions apply. To set up a Kingspan Insulation Waste Collection Agreement or for any further information regarding the Service, please contact the Waste Services Team on 01544 387 300 or email waste@kingspaninsulation.co.uk

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