Vacuum Insulation: Calculating U-values


We’ve just added a whole new section to our online U-value calculator allowing you to get indicative u-values for some of our OPTIM-R vacuum insulation systems.

This means that you can now see the thin levels of insulation that allow you to achieve U-values with minimal thickness for a range of different applications, including balconies and terraces, flat roofs and floors.

Why indicative U-values?

Our OPTIM-R systems are all provided with a detailed design service which will show the best layout for your individual requirements to maximise the use of OPTIM-R panels in order to achieve the lowest U-value possible. As well as the size and position of OPTIM-R panels, the designs show the location of OPTIM-R flex strips which are used as infill panels.

Each of these designs is unique to the building and will use different ratios of OPTIM-R panels to flex strips and these will be taken into account when carrying out the U-value calculation for that particular design. But this level of detail is only possible when we have created the design.

We always allow for the flex strips in our calculations and in the U-value calculator we state what percentage of bridging factor we take for these. The bridging factor changes dependent on the application, as some applications require less flex than others.

Realistic and accurate

This means you will get a realistic idea of what U-value you can get from using that thickness of OPTIM-R in that particular application. We feel that it is important to take this into account as it gives a more accurate representation of the actual U-values achieved for each thickness, rather than just for the OPTIM-R board. We talked in previous blogs posts about how we make sure that the declared performance of the board is a realistic one, and this is just a continuation of that philosophy.

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