Using insulated plasterboard in the bathroom

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Adding extra insulation to a property, to improve the reduce energy consumption and therefore heating bills is a common project these days and one of the simplest solutions is to use insulated plasterboard on the inside of the walls to improve the fabric efficiency.

Bathrooms are often an area of concern when refurbishing with the risk of condensation and moisture as well as splashing from surface water, for example in showers areas. However this should not prevent the walls being properly insulated.

Insulated plasterboard such as Kingspan Kooltherm K17 / 18 can be used in bathrooms provided the necessary protection is placed over the surface of the board. There are a number of ways this can be achieved.

  • It can be treated on the face with two coats of dual purpose pigmented primer.
  • You can use a gypsum moisture resistant board, (where the board offers a protected core as well as lining).
  • Finally a moisture resistant adhesive can be used; when applied ensure that the adhesive covers and protects the entire wall surface i.e. not just using a dot and dab method to fix tiles. This will ensure that the water will not get behind the tiles. This should be used in conjunction with a waterproof grout.

This should ensure that the bathroom is both energy efficient as well as moisture resistant.

The thickness of insulated plasterboard used will depend on the build up of the wall and u-value which is being targeted. The U-value will have to meet building regulations and standards, and more about these can be found on our website under building regulations. When you know the u-value which is being targeted, the thickness of insulated plasterboard required can be easily calculated by using our online u-value calculator.

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