Why use foil-faced insulation?

aluminium foil Many of our products have foil facings on them and we were recently asked why and what the benefits were.

Methods of Heat Transfer

In order to explain, firstly we need to look at how heat is transferred. There are … Read the rest

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How to fit an electrical socket to insulated plasterboard

Increasing the levels of insulation in a property is an effective way of reducing fuel bills and a common method of doing this is by adding insulated plasterboard to the internal walls.

However this works best when there is a … Read the rest

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How to insulate a garage conversion: Part 2 – Wall Insulation

hammer and wooden floor In the first post in this series we looked at the building regulations that have to be complied with when carrying out a garage conversion including the U-values required and today we will be looking at wall insulation.

This is … Read the rest

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Exposure Zones, Cavity Wall Insulation and Residual Cavities

Cavity Wall Insulation Building with cavity walls is a common construction method within the UK, however within certain parts of the country there are limitations and regulations governing the construction of cavity walls.

These may lead to an increase in the thickness of … Read the rest

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How to close a cavity around window and door openings in a cavity wall

Thermabate on site When building a property to achieve high standards of thermal performance it is important that all elements are insulated correctly. One of the areas that is often not addressed properly when insulating a building is the openings around the doors… Read the rest
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Can you fix insulated plasterboard to existing plastered walls?

K17 insulated plasterboard On a DIY forum the question was asked if it was possible to bond the Kingspan Kooltherm K17 Insulated Plasterboard to existing plaster, and if so what would be the best method.

This is something that we have been asked … Read the rest

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What vapour control layer should you use in walls?

Vapour image Vapour control layers are used to control the movement of warm, relatively moisture rich air from reaching a cold surface where it will condense.

There are four common options that can help control vapour reaching

300-500 gauge polythene fitted … Read the rest

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