How to calculate a U-Value the old-fashioned way. Here’s what you need…

schoolsums We know there are computer programmes and our very own lovely U-value Calculator, but behind the simplicity is a lot of supporting guidance, documentation, protocols, rules and regulations. So here’s a quick run-through of what you may need if… Read the rest
Date: May 28, 2015
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What is the BBA / TIMSA U-Value Competency Scheme?

BBA Certificate CS/1004-2 We often talk, on our website and in our literature, about how the U-Value calculations that are carried out in our technical department are approved under the ‘BBA/TIMSA Scheme for Calculation Competency Part 1 – U value and condensation risk’… Read the rest
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How do you know if your U-value calculation is correct?

U-value Calculations We all know that you can get U-value calculations from different manufacturers, but how do you know they’re correct? In this post we’ll explain what the U-value Competency Scheme is and why we believe it gives architects and designers peace… Read the rest
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