Why are insulation upstands used in flat roofing?

inverted roof Following on from our earlier post on linear thermal bridges we are going to talk about a specific type of thermal bridge found on flat roofs and how this can be prevented by the use of insulation upstands.

The Accredited Read the rest

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What are insulated cavity closers?

Cavity closers can help mind the gap As buildings become more highly insulated, thermal bridging subsequently has a greater impact on heat loss and with building fabric performance requirements becoming tighter than ever, this is an area that is increasingly significant. It is no longer good enough… Read the rest
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Thermal Bridging at Junctions

Spaghetti Junction, Birmingham There’s a potential design versus as-built issue in how heat loss at junctions is considered for existing buildings energy assessments.

SAP and RDSAP assume a global thermal bridging factor, a y-value (as defined in SAP Appendix K), based on the … Read the rest

Date: May 21, 2013
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