How does insulation work? The control of heat flow.

Question - what is a good insulation We’ve decided to go back to basics and explain just how insulation works. This week we are looking at how thermal insulation helps to control heat flow.

Heat moves from warmer to colder areas. This is what causes buildings to … Read the rest

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Final Friday Five – Ecobuild Edition

Final Friday Five This month is all about Ecobuild – we had a great time at the start of this month, talking to lots of people on our stand and we just thought we’d share with everyone some of the information we picked… Read the rest
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Thermal conductivity for Optim-R vacuum insulated panels

OPTIMR The λ-value or thermal conductivity of a material indicates the ability of that material to conduct heat and is measured in units of W/m·K. The lower this number, the better insulator the material is because materials with low thermal conductivities… Read the rest
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For Rent: glass house with good boiler: E rated?

Energy Rating Image

Last week, it was announced that up to 1 million tenants renting from a private landlord can look forward to warmer homes that cost less to heat.  From April 2018, landlords will be required by law to get their leakiest Read the rest

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The ‘Fabric First’ approach to energy bill reduction

kingspan detailing lena gardens We’ve talked earlier on this blog about the 2016 Zero carbon targets and how likely these are to be mandated (or not).

Fitting more energy efficient boilers and radiators is a common method of trying to reduce energy … Read the rest

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How to insulate a curved roof

Weymouth Wave Curved roofs are a unique and spectacular architectural feature but incorporating these into a building doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on thermal efficiency. In this blog post we take a look at one method of insulating a curved… Read the rest
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Why Environmental Profiles matter

Clover image Everyone wants to use sustainable products which minimise harm to the environment – but how can you be sure what the impact to the environment is? And how do you compare different products?

In this blog post we take a … Read the rest

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How to close a cavity around window and door openings in a cavity wall

Thermabate on site When building a property to achieve high standards of thermal performance it is important that all elements are insulated correctly. One of the areas that is often not addressed properly when insulating a building is the openings around the doors… Read the rest
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Passivhaus Case Studies

100 Princedale Rd copyright Octavia Housing passivhaus retrofit Over the last few weeks we have looked at what the Passivhaus Standard is and why people are building to this standard.

Today the UK Passivhaus Conference 2014 is taking place and will be looking at how Passivhaus can be … Read the rest

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The History of the Passivhaus Standard

Sampson Close, Passivhaus New Build History of Passivhaus

In this part of our series about Passivhaus Standards we take a brief look at how they have been developed over the last twenty five years to become the leading international low energy design standard.

The concept … Read the rest

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