The difference between generic & specific Green Guide Ratings

Green Guide Ratings 2016 has already been a busy year for our technical staff, with work well underway to support the updating of our Environmental Profile in a new round of product lifecycle assessments (LCAs).

This is just the latest step in a … Read the rest

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Why Environmental Profiles matter

Clover image Everyone wants to use sustainable products which minimise harm to the environment – but how can you be sure what the impact to the environment is? And how do you compare different products?

In this blog post we take a … Read the rest

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What are Green Guide Ratings?

BRE Green Guide Ratings Green Guide Ratings  are frequently used by product manufacturers. But, what are they and how are products assessed? This post seeks to explain a little more…

Green Guide Ratings (more properly called BRE Green Guide Summary Ratings) first came into … Read the rest

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