Flat roof constructions

Flat roofs When building a flat roof, it is vital that a degree of falls is built into the construction to ensure rainwater run-off.

The definition of a flat roof, according to BS 6229, is “having a pitch less than 10oRead the rest

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Why are insulation upstands used in flat roofing?

inverted roof Following on from our earlier post on linear thermal bridges we are going to talk about a specific type of thermal bridge found on flat roofs and how this can be prevented by the use of insulation upstands.

The Accredited Read the rest

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Insulating a balcony or terrace

Optim-R used on a balcony Often when constructing a balcony or terrace area for refurbishment or new build, there will be a requirement to put insulation in the deck of the balcony / terrace to ensure that the room below is kept warm.

If the … Read the rest

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How to insulate a curved roof

Weymouth Wave Curved roofs are a unique and spectacular architectural feature but incorporating these into a building doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on thermal efficiency. In this blog post we take a look at one method of insulating a curved… Read the rest
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How to insulate a garage conversion: Part 3 – Roof Insulation

hammer and wooden floor In the last few blog posts we have looked at the Building Regulations and Standards required for insulating a garage conversion as well as the different methods of insulating the walls.

The next step is to look at the insulation … Read the rest

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Jargon buster: Types of roof construction

Houses from the air There are a number of different roof constructions, each of which has its own insulation requirements as well as ventilation and waterproofing methods.

These can often get a bit confusing and we hope that our quick jargon busting guide helps … Read the rest

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Ventilation for flat roofs

We had a call to our technical line earlier today from a customer asking about when or whether to ventilate a flat roof. The answer may be useful to some of you.

Firstly, there are two types of flat roof. … Read the rest

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How to insulate roofs of swimming pools, saunas and high humidity areas

condensation and insulating in high humidity areas You can tell we’re starting to move out of the recession when the number of enquiries from architects and designers about how to insulate saunas, swimming pools and wet rooms increases. 

These areas are warm and very humid – typically Read the rest

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