Façades & Fire Safety – In Context

Facades & Fire Safety In Context

During this blog series we’ve looked at the limitations of the linear route to fire safety compliance for insulation within façade systems at, or above, 18 metres:

  • Materials aren’t subjected to large-scale testing as part of a complete façade system
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Façades and Fire Safety – Fire Safety Engineering Route: The holistic approach

Fcades  Fire Safety Performnace Route Blog 5 692x237

Throughout history, high rise constructions have always been a testing ground for new ideas and pioneering approaches. 2015 was no different as Shanghai Tower, with its iconic twisted form, officially became the second tallest building in the world, whilst … Read the rest

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Facades & Fire Safety: Under 18? It’s all about classes and cavities

R2C FF Blog 2 17-11-2015-resized

When deciding which route to take for fire safety compliance, one of the first things to check is how tall the building actually is, or more specifically, how far above ground level the top ‘habitable storey’ is. This is measured … Read the rest

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Façades & Fire Safety: Which Way?

R2C FF Blog 1 03-11-2015

As RIBA Journal’s recent round table highlighted, fire safety is a major concern for all who are responsible for the design and specification of buildings. A lack of clarity in the Building Regulations and Standards for external fire spread, not … Read the rest

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