Pre-Insulated Ductwork Weight Comparison

koolduct-being-carried Weight comparison between pre-insulated ductwork and insulated galvanised sheet steel.

It is likely, especially in older buildings, that an HVAC ductwork system was not installed into the building when it was first constructed. These existing structures were often not built … Read the rest

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How ductwork can help you achieve the Target Emission Rate (TER)

Chester Balmore low res Ductwork can have a significant impact on whether a building achieves its TER due to the energy required to run the ductwork system and the various aspects that can affect this. This post explores why….

Measuring the air-leakage of a … Read the rest

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How to comply with the heat transfer requirements of insulated ductwork

KoolDuct Lincoln University Engine Shed

In this blog you’ll learn about the standards prescribed for insulating ductwork, which is installed into new and existing non-domestic buildings.

The ductwork system efficiency claimed should be based on the appropriate method of calculation, as detailed in the 2013 … Read the rest

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UL Listing and Classifcation Explained

What is UL Listing an UL Certified? U.L. listing and classification are stated throughout the worldwide construction market, but it seems many people are in the dark about what they are and the difference between the two. This post explains the background behind U.L and what it… Read the rest
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