Duct leakage, air tightness and efficiency

Kool Duct Pre Insulated Ductwork We know using airtight ductwork can have a positive impact on the Building Emission Rate (BER), but do we really know how airtight traditional ductwork is?

The performance gap
Since the lid has been lifted on the performance gap, the … Read the rest

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BIM for the Baffled: Part 7 – BIM, the future and the rest of the world

BIM - Building Information Modelling Over the last few weeks we’ve looked at what BIM is, how it can be achieved as well as how the Government is mandating the use of BIM up to level 2.

In this final post in the BIM for … Read the rest

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SAP 2012 – What’s changed? (Heat Pumps)

One of the big changes in the recently published SAP2012 was the performance assigned to Heat Pumps…

SAP dictates how a dwelling will perform against the TER set by the standards, so picking out the changes from SAP2009 gives us … Read the rest

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Thermal Bridging at Junctions

Spaghetti Junction, Birmingham There’s a potential design versus as-built issue in how heat loss at junctions is considered for existing buildings energy assessments.

SAP and RDSAP assume a global thermal bridging factor, a y-value (as defined in SAP Appendix K), based on the … Read the rest

Date: May 21, 2013
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