What’s the difference between a breather membrane & a vapour control layer?

Breather membrane v vapour control layer Yes, that’s right – they’re different things!

We often notice people using the terms ‘breather membrane’ and ‘vapour control layer’ interchangeably, particularly with regards to pitched roofs. Whilst they have a similar purpose, there are a couple of important differences … Read the rest

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How to fix breather membranes to timber frames

Nilvent Corner UK 09-13 We’ve discussed what a breathable membrane, such as nilvent is previously on our blog – basically a layer fitted to allow water vapour to escape to the outside of the building, removing the need for ventilation directly above the… Read the rest
Date: May 11, 2015
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Breather Membrane basics

Nilvent breather membrane In our product literature we often recommend using a breather membrane, such as nilvent, between the insulation and the tiles / slates on pitched roofs.

But what exactly is a breather membrane and why is it there?

The BBA … Read the rest

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What are foil breathable membranes and when should they be used?

aluminium foil Foil breather membranes are breather membranes with a low emissivity foil face.

Emissivity is the value given to materials based on the ratio of heat emitted compared to a black body on a scale of 0 to 1. A black Read the rest

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Air gaps, insulation and roofing membranes in pitched roofs.

Pitched roof, membranes and air gaps We have a question about what air gap you should leave between the insulation and the roofing membrane in a pitched roof almost every day. Here’s some advice about what to do…

The gap you leave depends upon the type … Read the rest

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