Soffits at the Oval


The OCS stand sits at the Vauxhall end of the Kia Oval, which over the next few days will be filled with thousands of England and Australian cricket supporters, a large proportion of whom will have Kingspan Kooltherm beneath their feet. When the OCS stand was constructed Kingspan’s K10 Soffit board was used to insulate underneath the tiered seating areas.

But what is a soffit board and why would you use it?

Soffit boards, such as Kingspan Kooltherm K10, are designed to be fitted directly to the underside of structural floors (generally concrete). These are designed to reduce the U-value of the build up and create a better thermal performance.

Why use a soffit board like Kooltherm K10?

  1. They have good thermal insulation properties which means that you have a lower U-value for the thickness of insulation or thinner insulation for the same u-value when compared to other insulation methods.
  2. They can be installed quickly. As the boards are rigid this adds to the ease of handling, and they are quick to cut to size. The fact that they are relatively lighter to handle also adds to the speed of installation.
  3. Soffit boards are easy to handle and store on site. They have a low density and therefore weight. This means that they are easier to install as well as transport to and around a building site. The rigid boards are stackable which makes storage on site a straightforward job.
  4. Soffit boards are not very susceptible to damage.  The boards are made from a very robust material which has a high compressive strength. This means that they are much less likely to get damaged on site or when installing mechanical or electrical services to the building.

The contractor Paul Downey of FST Services, who specified and installed the boards at the Oval said

“We were looking for a product that would be easy to handle and install, contained no loose fibres and achieved excellent U-values. Having used K10 in the past we knew the product would easily meet all of these requirements.”

For a more detailed read about the Kooltherm K10 Soffit board, the white paper ‘Reduce your overheads’ can be found in our knowledge base or have a look at our product literature.

For U-Value calculations for soffits please visit our U-value calculator.

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