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When thinking about sustainability and what you can do to make a difference it is common to just think of areas where your actions, or lack of, can noticeably affect results, such as energy use and waste disposal. This is especially true in manufacturing industries like ours, where manufacturing efficiency is a key component in our sustainability work.

But we also have to consider what raw materials we use and where we get them from. The responsible sourcing of raw materials is a vital consideration, as material supply chains can have an all too easy to ignore impact on a business’ sustainability performance. The ultimate goal in this area is to source all our raw materials responsibly.

This means looking at companies that we buy from, but more than that, it also means ensuring that our policies and procedures result in us sourcing products ethically and in a manner that is responsible, and we don’t just mean financially responsible.

We’ve been looking at Responsible Sourcing since 2009, when we carried out a scoping exercise with BRE to see how we could comply with the BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing standard. This was followed by full certification in 2012. With our latest annual audit, we have achieved ‘Excellent’ under the revised issue 3.0 of BES 6001. The BES 6001 certification clearly illustrates our commitment to achieving, and maintaining, the highest levels of sustainable, ethical business practice. By achieving BES 6001 it demonstrates this to our customers and allows them to make an informed decision when specifying insulation products.

So why BES 6001?

The rigorous standard, developed by BRE Global, provides a detailed framework of the processes which must be addressed to ensure responsible sourcing of construction materials. These include organisational governance, supply chain management and environmental and social elements. It allows us to provide clear external assurance to demonstrate our performance across a wide-ranging set of sustainability and ethical criteria for key products manufactured at our Pembridge and Selby facilities – the Kooltherm, Therma and KoolDuct product ranges.

For more information about BES 6001 visit our website where you can download the Technical Bulletin which give more information about BES 6001 and the results of our latest audit.

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