Pre-Insulated Ductwork Weight Comparison


Weight comparison between pre-insulated ductwork and insulated galvanised sheet steel.

It is likely, especially in older buildings, that an HVAC ductwork system was not installed into the building when it was first constructed. These existing structures were often not built to support the weight of additional building services. When refurbishing buildings like these, weight becomes a key consideration in the correct specification of a ductwork system.

The implications of heavy ductwork

Using heavier ductwork systems can have an impact on many different aspects of the refurbishment process. Further costs maybe incurred, simply for the extra hangers and supports required for heavier ductwork, but also for the additional labour required to fix the supports and handle the heavier ductwork.

The overall structure of the building may not be sufficient enough to support the weight of the new system. In these cases, secondary steel supports would need to need to be installed to transfer the weight of the system to a new support system. This can add a significant amount onto the initial estimated costs of the refurbishment.

All of these issues will also add an element of extra time, and we all know time equals money!

“pre-insulated ductwork can weigh up to 75% less than traditional ductwork methods”

Conclusive research

These extra costs can be easily avoided by choosing your ductwork system carefully. Kingspan Insulation has compared two ductwork specifications, which both meet today’s regulations for cooling and dual purpose ductwork. The research found that the tested pre-insulated ductwork can weigh up to 75% less than traditional ductwork methods. The study compared The Kingspan KoolDuct System and galvanised sheet steel ductwork insulated with mineral fibre.

For further information, please read our white paper. Our knowledge base also includes information on how pre-insulated ductwork can help you cut time, space, operation costs and energy consumption

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