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As our last post of 2014 we thought that, as is traditional at this point in the year, we take a look through our archives at some of our most popular topics of 2014, in case you missed them when we first posted them.

Welsh Building Regulations

At the start of the year we looked at the New Welsh Part L Building Regulations, covering Domestic , Non Domestic and Refurbishments, written by our technical guru – Jon Ducker. These posts cover how the Welsh Regulations have changed and what impact these changes will have.

How to articles

Over the year we looked at a series of different how to articles, going through some of the basic insulation solutions. Two topics that provided particularly popular in the summer were What is a floating floor and how do you insulate it? as well as How to insulate solid walls. These ‘How to’ guides have proved very popular so we will be revisiting some of these topics and adding more throughout next year. If there is a particular topic you would like us to cover then get in touch either on twitter (@KingspanIns_UK) or add a comment to the bottom of this post. To view all the topics click here to visit the How to Category.

Warning from a concerned Building Control Officer.

In July we had a warning from a concerned Building Control Officer. This was a one off post, sparked by a telephone conversation to our technical services department, that made a significant point about the importance of checking that the insulation that is specified matches the insulation that is installed in every way when a property is being built; read all about it here.


The highlight for September and October was our Passivhaus series, timed to coincide with the UK Passivhaus Trust Conference (@PassivhausTrust). In these posts we looked at what exactly the Passivhaus standard is, what has to be achieved to meet the standard, and some examples of Passivhaus properties. This energy efficient standard is being increasing used for both domestic and non-domestic buildings and, as insulation is a key part of achieving this standard, something we are very interested in! Read more here.

Building Information Modelling – BIM for the Baffled

We ended the year with series of posts introducing the topic of Building Information Modelling (BIM), a new area for some people but for others, an increasingly important part of their working practices. This is an area which is of importance to us; we were the first insulation manufacturer to launch manufacturer specific BIM objects via the NBS National BIM Library and we will be continuing to invest in these objects, systems and assemblies in the future. This series gives a basic introduction to what BIM is, what the objects are and the relevant standards. If you’ve not come across this before take a look here.

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