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As is traditional at this time of the year we thought that we would take a look back through our archives, covering the top articles, series and features of the year to highlight the topics that got you talking in 2015.

Garage Insulation

We started the year with a series of posts about how to insulate your garage – this has proved to be one of the most popular topics of the year, covering all aspects of insulation work required including roofs, walls, floors and the associated building regulations that need to be met. Start reading with the first post on building regulations.

U-Value Calculator

In March we launched our online U-value calculator with a series of blog posts looking at how our U-value calculator works as well as some of the extra benefits you get with it. We also covered what U-value you should use where. Later in the year we also looked at what you need to know how to calculate them the old fashioned way.

Fixing the Foundations Response

In July Jon Ducker, our residential technical expert took a look at the government’s ‘Fixing the Foundations’ report and provided his thoughts on the issues this raised, specifically looking at the view of improved energy efficiency. Find out more here.

Real Value of Space

In the second half of the year we took an in depth look at two particular topics – firstly calculating the Real Value of Space. This series of blog posts took an in depth look at the impact of using a premium performance wall insulation solution in commercial properties, compared to a cheaper and poorer performing insulation, examining how much floor space can be unlocked by opting for a premium solution, and perhaps more importantly, what is the real value of this space. Find the answer here – Real Value of Space.

Facades and Fire Safety

Lastly we’ve been looking at Facades and fire safely and examining the different routes to compliance in buildings over 18m. This blog series cuts through the confusion and common misconceptions, providing a clear overview of all the available routes to compliance when it comes to façades. Keep a look out for some more posts on this topic next year. For an introduction to the topic and an overview of the routes to compliance watch the video below.

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