Why Kingspan is supporting #coldhomesweek


As part of #coldhomesweek we are highlighting the importance of investing in energy efficient retrofits.

Earlier this week Kingspan Insulation joined with other members and supporters of the Energy Bill Revolution Alliance.

‘calling upon party leaders to make a commitment in their election manifestos to use infrastructure funds to invest in a more ambitions and effective energy efficiency programme’.

Having energy efficient homes would not only cut bills, providing a long term solution for those trapped in fuel poverty, but also help improve people’s quality of life; possibly even preventing cold related deaths. Several articles have been published in the national press (The Guardian, The Telegraph) about the results of a study into the link between energy efficiency and health. Well insulated, airtight and properly ventilated homes with an appropriate sized heating system, result in less health problems and improve people’s quality of life.

Investing in energy efficiency retrofits would have further economic, social and environmental benefits.

  • Economic Benefits
    • Less health problems for individuals means money is saved for the NHS. Investing in energy efficient homes will also help create jobs and growth across the country.
  • Social Benefits
    • With more energy efficient housing, heating bills are lower or actually turning the heating system on becomes affordable. This provides a long term solution to fuel poverty. It can also help to reduce winter deaths. Residents have better quality of life; a resident on a trial to measure the impact of increasing the energy efficiency said ‘this whole experience has really changed our lives for the better.’
  • Environmental Benefits
    • In the UK buildings are responsible for 37% of Carbon Emissions, according to a report by The Energy Bill Revolution. By increasing the energy efficiency of the housing stock throughout the country carbon emissions would be reduced.

What next?

Today new regulations were announced that will ban landlords from renting houses that have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of F and G until they have raised it to a miniumum of an E by April 1st 2018.

Currently the average EPC for UK housing is at Band D. The Energy Bill Revolution has suggested that investment is made to get all low income homes to Band C by 2025, and loans made available to all other households to achieve this as well.

If you would like to find out more about #coldhomesweek and the Energy Bill Revolution visit their website.

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