How to use Kingspan insulation for Halloween


Here’s something a little more light-hearted for our blog followers….How to make tombstones out of your Kingspan Insulation off-cuts. Mwwwhhaaahhhaaa…

Here’s the process in just a few steps:

1. First, take your Kingspan off-cuts


2. Cut them to shape, but leave enough to cut a slot for the base (use a blunt breadknife for this)


3. Paint a suitably morbid gravestone grey colour. (You can add a bit of texture by mixing sand or sawdust into the paint)


5. Gouge the name of the deceased into the ‘stone’.



6.Paint or spray to add more texture and cover up the gouges. (Or paint the name in a different colour)



7. Your finished tombstone. Mwwhhaaaaa!!

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