How to insulate Santa’s Grotto


We were recently contacted by a very important man who was seeking advice about how to insulate his home, which he mentioned is pretty chilly all year round. Read our response below…

Dear Mr S. Claus,

Thank you for getting in touch, and for all the information you’ve provided us with on your ornate timber framed home. It sounds wonderful, and it’s ever so helpful to have such an accurate construction build-up so that we can offer advice on the best possible insulation solutions.

As you probably know, heating and hot water can account for 60% of a property’s total energy use per year. (We’d hazard a guess that this percentage is even higher in the North Pole!) However with the right insulation this figure can be reduced, and you can prevent that cold and costly escape of heat.

Firstly, we recommend Kingspan Kooltherm K12 Framing Board for the wooden walls. This sits neatly between the timber studs, with a vapour control layer over the top and then an internal wall finish to suit Mrs Claus’s taste. As the insulation fits snugly between the timbers it allows for more internal living space than other methods of insulating… and more room for storing presents!

Next let’s insulate the roof. You mentioned you’d like a green roof, as this would make it easier for you to land nine reindeer and a sleigh laden with gifts. So, working from inside to outside we recommend Kingspan Kooltherm K118 Insulated Plasterboard under your timber joists and Kingspan Thermaroof TR26 LPC/FM on top, with a waterproofing layer mechanically fixed to support the green roof of your choice. And about the snow – we’ve learnt from previous case studies that it has great thermal benefits, so as long as you’ve waterproofed correctly you’ll have nothing to worry about!

Finally, your floor. There’s really nothing out of the ordinary here but we suggest some underfloor heating given your location. Floor insulation from both our Kingspan Kooltherm and Kingspan OPTIM-R ranges can be used with underfloor heating systems, but in keeping with your timber house we recommend using Kingspan Kooltherm K103 Floorboard along with a suspended timber floor.

And that’s it! You can keep warm and get ready for the busiest night of the year!

All that’s left is to wish you a very Merry Christmas from everybody at Kingspan Insulation.

PS. We hope we’ve made your nice list!

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