How do you know if your U-value calculation is correct?

U-value Calculations

We all know that you can get U-value calculations from different manufacturers, but how do you know they’re correct? In this post we’ll explain what the U-value Competency Scheme is and why we believe it gives architects and designers peace of mind.

 The BBA/TIMSA U-value and Condensation Risk Calculation Competency Scheme is an accredited quality system whereby technical advisors follow a set of rules based around the regulations governing u-value calculations.

BBA carries out the assessment through regular audits of a sample of the calculations carried out by the Kingspan Insulation Technical team. This audit consists of:

• Screening – An initial screening, based on sample calculations designed to explore understanding of the underlying principles of BR 443 and BS EN ISO 6946.

• Inspection – An office inspection to examine our quality system and examples of actual calculations.

• Certification – Issue of a Certificate to the company that employs the Competent Person(s), defining the individual scope of competency.

• Surveillance – annual audit of the company’s processes and checks on a random selection of U-value calculations are taken from each staff member producing calculations as part of the scheme.

So, what’s the point of all this? Basically it’s to give architects and specifiers the assurance that calculations they receive are accurate and to help bridge the gap between design and measured performance.

It is also an attempt by the BBA and TIMSA to ensure a level playing field which is why we are members together with other major players in the insulation market including Knauf Insulation and Rockwool.

Kingspan Insulation is fully accredited, producing calculations that comply with this scheme to ensure that specifiers use the correct thickness of insulation for the application whilst avoiding any condensation risk. In addition to the main standards mentioned of BR 443 and BS EN ISO 6946, we are also accredited for a number of additional standards / calculation process which include BS EN ISO 13370 (ground floor & basement U-values), BS EN ISO 13788 (condensation risk analysis), BRE Digest 465 (U-values for lightweight steel frame constructions), and Steel Cladding Institute Paper 312 (U-value for rail & bracket built up twin skin metal cladding).

There’s more information about the BBA/TIMSA U-value and Condensation Risk Calculation Competency Scheme on our website together with a form for U-Value calculations.

Kingspan Insulation was instrumental in launching the scheme, and, as a founder member we assist in much of the regulations interpretation helping set the benchmark.

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