Final Friday Five – Top 5 articles we’ve read this month.

Final Friday Five

This is a new feature we are adding to the blog – the final Friday five.

Five articles, blogs or news stories from across the internet, published in the last month, covering a variety of different views, opinions and facts. These are the articles that have got us talking this month – we hope you enjoy them as well.

The Only Way is Ethics

This article by Jaqueline Glass on the UK Green Building Council website takes a look at responsible sourcing within the construction industry, taking what can seem as an irrelevant topic to day to day business and highlighting the impact that it can have on a business.  (Link)

Homes Fit for the Future

UKGBC’s ‘Homes Fit for the Future’ campaign was launched in June and it was great to get an update from this collection of tweets, links and articles, all collected on Storify, which gives a good overview of the campaign and how this has been progressed, discussed and supported by people and organisations throughout the year. If you haven’t had chance to take a look at their work on this so far then this is a good way of catching up. (Link)

Closing the Performance Gap

This article from Niall Gibson on the building4change website about ‘Closing the Performance Gap’ between designed and built performance really stuck a chord with us this month. It is a topic that we have blogged about ourselves in the past, and will be revisiting in the future. Have a look and let us know what you think. (Link)

Hunker in the Bunker

This may be more look at rather than read; ‘Hunker in the bunker’ is a series of photographs showing how old bunkers across the world have been converted into houses, hotels, art galleries and data centres. Reuse and refurbishment is a topic we talk about a lot, so if you are searching for a bit of inspiration on a refurbishment project, these buildings are a very good place to start. (Link)

Passivhaus Podcast

This next one isn’t technically something we’ve read this month, but we did enjoy listening to it – a podcast about Passivhaus, with Elrond Burrell of Architype Architecture and Chris Herring from The Green Building store, talking about the Passivhaus process from design to build. Put on some headphones and take a listen. (Link)

As a bonus we thought we’d mention the one thing from our blog that we particularly liked this month and it has to be the start of our series about the ‘Why, what and when of SAPs’. Take a read and let us know what you think.

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