Final Friday Five

Final Friday Five

Winter is coming and this month we’ve be reading about energy efficiency and keeping things warm! Although not the planet – that we’d like to not get any warmer, and with the Paris Climate talks starting next week how carbon emissions can be and should be lowered is key.

Paris Climate talks – 57% emissions reduction required

This report from the Committee on Climate Change, ahead of the Paris climate talks states that the next step towards low-carbon economy requires 57% emissions reduction by 2030 in the UK. One of the key methods they discuss is insulating homes and this was picked up in the Guardian, in an article suggesting that new houses will have to be retrofitted, UK climate watchdog warns.

Autumn Statement and Spending Review Responses

The Autumn statement and Spending review got a lot of headlines this week – we’re sure you’ve all seen the details but there have been a couple of response we thought worth highlighting; firstly this one from the Energy Bill Revolution raising their concerns about the reduction in home energy efficiency, especially as winter deaths are increasing. The UKGBC also provide a response which can be found here – they also noted the lack of support for energy efficiency in homes.

RIBA House of the Year

Sticking with housing, but showcasing something that is a little bit different from the majority of the UK housing stock, Flint House was named the RIBA house of the year this month. Although we were pleased to see that Cefn Castell, came second in the public’s vote on the Channel 4 website.

Hansford Solid Wall Insulation Report

Peter Hansford’s report on Solid Wall Insulation, has been issued to the Green Construction Board. We welcome the publication of this report especially the comments within the report that promote careful specification and appropriate installation response. Our full response is available on our blog.

SIPs Time lapse

And finally if you’ve ever wondered what a SIPs house looks like during construction then this video from RDA Architects ‏(@rdauk) is a great time lapse of the process.

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