Final Friday Five

Final Friday Five

In our round up of key news stories this month we are looking at the importance of investing in energy efficient program, a comparison of energy consumption across Europe, Energiesprong (which is the great name for a Dutch retrofit initiative) and mortagages.

Energy Efficient Homes should be a UK infrastructure priority

This article, from the Energy Bill Revolution, shows the results of research which shows that a programme to make homes energy efficient should be a national infrastructure priority for Government. Supporting this a letter to George Osborne and Amber Rudd, from 53 businesses (including Kingspan Insulation), sets out the importance of a major energy efficiency program and the economic benefits this would have to the country. It is well worth reading – find it here.

What is the energy consumption in European homes?

Did you know that new buildings consume half the energy they did in the 1980s? If you have ever wondered about energy consumption in homes, where it is being lost and how the performance across Europe is improving , this infographic, on the sustainable homes website has all the figures and more.


Still sticking with the theme of energy efficiency in homes, this article from Architect’s Journal takes a look at a Dutch retrofit initiative which has already been successful and asks if this can be effective where the Green Deal failed? Read more about Energiesprong here.

Green home owners should get £45,000 extra on their mortgage, top academics suggest

The final article this month about homes is a suggestion in the Telegraph that owners of energy efficient homes should get larger mortgages. We often talk about the benefits and savings to be made by creating more energy efficient homes on a fabric first approach and this seems a logical next step. Find out more here.

And finally this month if any of the above articles have made you want to improve the energy efficiency of your home our online U-value calculator can help show the U-values you can achieve. Take a look here.

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