Final Friday Five

Final Friday Five

In our round up of this month’s articles we are looking at BIM, air tightness, revolutions, SIPs and facades.

BIM for historic buildings

In this RIBAJ article, Hugh Feilden looks at using BIM to model historic buildings, discussing the problems and the benefits. Although BIM is more common for new build projects this article shows the long term benefits of using BIM during major refurbishment projects and beyond. Read out BIM for historic buildings here.

The Saskatchewan Conservation House

In Ben Adam-Smith’s interview with Passivhaus pioneer Harold Orr (available as a podcast as well as a blog) they discuss the background and build up of the Saskatchewan Conservation House, which was the most airtight house in the world at the time it was built. Ben’s also produced a documentary about the importance of airtightness which is available on the same page and well worth a watch. Read about the Saskatchewan Conservation House here.

Choosing a Build System — the Benefits of SIPs (structural insulated panels)

We are slightly late on this as it was published at the end of July, but this article by Claire Lloyd in Homebuilding & Renovating on Choosing a Build System looks at the benefits of using SIPS (structural insulated panels) on a new build project and some of the reasons why you would use this sort of system. It also has some great photos showing the different stages of the SIPs build process, and well worth a read if you are considering a new build. Read all about SIPs here.

A Quiet Revolution in British Housing Architecture

This Guardian article considers how imaginative and sustainable architecture is in the ascendant in British housing, looking specific examples of new developments and some of the standards that are now being considered. There’s also some discussion in the comments which is worth a look through. Find out more the quiet revolution in British housing architecture here.

And finally, we recently published a white paper looking at the routes to compliance for fire safety in facades with Kooltherm K15 Rainscreen Board. We will be covering this in a bit more detail on our blog over the coming weeks but the all the information about the routes to compliance for fire safety in facades can be found here.

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