Final Friday Five

Polling station - General election 2017

This month’s Final Friday Five focuses, somewhat unsurprisingly, on the weather and the upcoming General Election – with a few guest appearances from other notable topics…

It’s been hot this week…


Temperatures have reached the late 20s and, while this is a welcome change from the norm, it’s likely you’ve been struggling to sleep at night due to the heat – despite all windows and doors remaining wide open.

So did you know that the design of your home could be having an adverse effect on the temperature within? Take a look at our blog post on the topic for more information.

Insulation Insight – spring edition

The spring edition of Insulation Insight hit metaphorical shelves this month. Topics include the rise of tiny homes, psi values and offsite construction to name just a few.

You can download it for free at Don’t forget to sign up to receive a notification when future editions are available to read!

General Election 2017

With the General Election taking place in just under two weeks’ time, many of us are still unsure of who to vote for.

This handy tool allows you to choose from a number of key issues – including housing and transport and the environment – and view the main parties’ stance on each, without having to read every manifesto from cover to cover.

RIBA Awards

We’ve been keeping a keen eye on the RIBA website, with all Regional Awards winners set to be announced before the end of the month. A couple of ones that caught our attention include:

CIH Housing – Manchester

To finish, a quick reminder that we will be exhibiting at the CIH Housing event next month.

You can register here.

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