Final Friday Five

Final Friday Five

Final Friday Five – Top 5 articles we’ve read this month.

It has been a busy month, both on our blog and others, so we’ve collected together some of the articles that we have been talking about in the last few weeks.

Finally – energy efficiency regulations emerge un-pickled

We’re not the only ones who have been blogging this month about the announcement of the new regulations for landlords. These state that privately rented homes must be have an Energy Efficiency rating of at least E to be able to be rented. You may have seen our blog post on the topic but Alan Whitehead, MP for Southampton Test (@alanwhiteheadmp) also had a few things to share about these regulations. Take a look at his view here.

Plastic bags and pallets – reuse and repatriation

As part of our ongoing sustainability work we have been working on eliminating the use of wooden pallets as far as possible, replacing them with EPS skids, so it was interesting to read this article from BAM (@bamconstructuk) about how they have been reducing pallet waste on a building site. Find out more here.

Could Open Homes turn energy efficiency from the fifth to the first fuel?

This great article by Andrew Warren from the Association for the Conservation of Energy talks about energy efficiency and how the Open Days that Superhomes have run are inspiring others to put more emphasis on ways of not wasting energy. Energy Efficiency is a topic we have touched on several times recently, with #coldhomesweek at the beginning of the month.

NBS BIM Object Standard and shared parameters

An informative article on the NBS BIM object standard from @StephenHamilNBS discussing the advantages of having well-structured information in BIM objects and responding to other concerns about BIM objects which have been raised on social media recently. Take a look here.

MPs fail to strengthen Zero Carbon Homes standards

An opinion piece about the Zero Carbon Home standards allowing developers to offset their carbon emissions by paying into a fund, rather than building low carbon homes. Read about it here.

And if you missed it on our blog, take a look at our article on why we supported #coldhomesweek at the start of this month.

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