Final Friday Five

Final Friday Five

Another month gone already and as most people will have other things on their mind next Friday, we are sending out our final Friday five a week early this month, with a round up of articles from, RIBAJ, BAM and possibly a couple of references to Christmas!

Climate Change

We couldn’t start our round up without a mention of the Paris agreement to act on climate change. It’s dominated the headlines for the last few weeks, and rightly so and the construction sector will be a large part of the work required. This has aready started in some areas – we’ve made our pledge with the UKGBC as part of their Climate Campaign (find out more here) but there is a very good analysis of where we need to go from here by Jesse Putzel and it can be found on the BAM (@bamcontructuk) sustainability website. Read it here as well as a more general overview of what the Paris agreement means here from @kevinclimate.

Don’t scapegoat insulation

Although it seems a long time since the sun has been out, and summer overheating may be a distant memory it is still a very important issue which has been attracting a great deal of attention in the press this year. But as Ashley Bateson explains on the RIBAJ website (@RIBAJ), improved insulation standards are not the culprit and the real reasons are more complex. Find out the rest of the story on their website.

Facades and Fire Safety

While you’re are getting warm by the fire, spare a thought for facades and fire safety – a tenuous link I know but an important issue which we’ve been blogging about this month. There are a number of different routes to compliance and we’ve been looking at them all in turn. Find the full series here.

Gingerbread architecture

The last article should get you into the Christmas spirit. We are always interested in looking at different building materials and how they can affect the look and feel of a building. In this series of photographs the Guardian takes a look at the humble gingerbread house – with some not so humble examples!

See them here

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