Façades & Fire Safety: Which Way?

R2C FF Blog 1 03-11-2015

As RIBA Journal’s recent round table highlighted, fire safety is a major concern for all who are responsible for the design and specification of buildings. A lack of clarity in the Building Regulations and Standards for external fire spread, not to mention the guidance, however, means that achieving compliance with façade systems is often considered to be unnecessarily difficult.

This new fortnightly blog series cuts through the confusion and common misconceptions, providing a clear overview of all the available routes to compliance when it comes to façades.

In particular, the series will focus particularly on the more demanding requirements for buildings with living or work space at or above 18 metres from ground level. From the rather rudimentary linear route, to the large scale testing or desktop study based performance routes, finishing with the holistic, scientific approach of the fire safety engineered route.

The blogs accompany a new Technical Bulletin and dedicated page, together helping to interpret the guidance given in the two separate Approved Documents B2 for England and Wales, Technical Handbook Sections 2 for Scotland (domestic and non-domestic) and providing more detailed guidance on how to actually demonstrate compliance as per BCA Technical Guidance Note 18 Issue 1, June 2015 edition.

The next blog in the series will be posted on 17th November and looks specifically at the fire safety requirements for buildings where all habitable storeys are less than 18 metres above ground level.

If you’d prefer to get into the detail of the full technical bulletin right away simply click here.

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