Caught on camera!

Male fledgling Kestrel caught on camera

Looking through the CCTV on a factory site the last thing you expect to see looking back at you is the local wildlife!

As well as the pigeons, the crows and the ever expanding population of rabbits, the Pembridge site is home to a variety of much less commonly spotted species. The hare and the tawny owls have always been evident, but the recent siting of a male fledgling kestrel, if only through the camera lens is a great indicator of the health of the local biodiversity.

Like many other farmland birds, Kestrel population numbers dropped significantly in the 1970s, resulting in their position on the “Amber list for Birds of Conservation Concern”. This has often been attributed to the intensification of agriculture and changing rural dynamics, so a factory in the countryside would seem an unlikely place for a Kestrel to make its home. However, similar to the construction industry, the kestrel is adaptable and has made use of the changing human environment.

To me this really is sustainability in action. This is where all the “environmental policies” and sustainability procedures make sense. If businesses can stick to it, if they can minimise their impact on the environment, not just theoretically but in reality, then the positive results will be staring you in the face!

Tawny Owl caught on camera

Tawny Owl on Kooltherm Duct


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