What is a ‘good insulation’?

Question - what is a good insulation A good insulation is measured by its ability to restrict heat transfer. This is expressed by a number of different ‘values’.

Lambda values

‘Lambda’ [lam-duh] is the 11th letter of the Greek alphabet (λ). However … Read the rest

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Building Site Songs

Building site We’ve loved #buildingsitesongs on Twitter today, and had so many good ideas we just had to share!

What do you think? Tweets us at @KingspanIns_UK with any of your ideas too!

(We take no responsibility for getting any of these … Read the rest

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How does insulation work? The control of heat flow.

Question - what is a good insulation We’ve decided to go back to basics and explain just how insulation works. This week we are looking at how thermal insulation helps to control heat flow.

Heat moves from warmer to colder areas. This is what causes buildings to … Read the rest

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Understanding compression

Weights on floor - understanding compression Is the insulation strong enough? Will it take the weight of my furniture, or even my car? What about my balcony, will I be able to walk on it?

If you’ve asked yourself any or all of these questions, today’s … Read the rest

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What is an EPD?

BREEAM We are often asked what EPD Tier our insulation products fall under.

Firstly, let’s remind ourselves of what an EPD is. Simply put, an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is the tool used to communicate the outcome of a Life Cycle Read the rest

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Flat roof constructions

Flat roofs When building a flat roof, it is vital that a degree of falls is built into the construction to ensure rainwater run-off.

The definition of a flat roof, according to BS 6229, is “having a pitch less than 10oRead the rest

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What is an inverted roof?

Inverted roof build-up …And how is it constructed?

An inverted roof is quite simply where the waterproofing layer is installed over the structural deck rather than over the insulation.

Rigid extruded polystyrene insulation has minimal water absorption due to its closed cell structure. … Read the rest

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How do you deal with acoustics in buildings?

Acoustics - rain impact noise An acoustic engineer should be consulted for guidance on how to insulate building elements to achieve particular acoustic goals and to provide acoustic calculations. But here we will explain two important phenomenon that you may come across when dealing with… Read the rest
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What is acoustics?

Acoustics graphic You may think that insulation is installed just to help with retaining heat or regulating temperatures, but it can also be useful in controlling the movement of sound in buildings.

Acoustics is a scientific term concerning the properties of sound.… Read the rest

Date: June 6, 2017
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What is an exposed perimeter?

Tape measure exposed perimeter …And how do I work it out?

When trying to identify the thickness of insulation required to insulate a floor, many of us are faced with the onerous task of calculating the perimeter / area (P/A) ratio.

While establishing the … Read the rest

Date: June 1, 2017
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