(Almost) Final Friday Five Top 5 articles we’ve read this month

Final Friday Five

Slightly earlier than usual this month, as there won’t be any blog posts for the last week in December, the top five articles we’ve read this month are here.

BIM breaks through

This article about the results of a CIBSE (@cibse) survey of BIM users and non-users seemed quite topical for us. If you’ve been following our blog you may have noticed a few posts on the topic of BIM earlier in the month (if you’ve missed them catch up here) and this survey about BIM showed that people are becoming better informed about BIM and using it more and more. It provides an interesting snapshot into how BIM is perceived and where work still needs to be done. Click here to read it.

World Carbon Emissions

This is a superb visualisation by the World Resources Institute which shows how CO2 emissions have changed over the last 150 years and what the future might hold. It is worth spending a couple of minutes having a look through this from both a historic perspective and to see what the future holds. The visualisation can be found here.

Fighting the lure of the new when it comes to sustainable high rise

We liked this UKGBC article about retrofitting tower blocks by Faye Scott (@FayeS_green of @GreenAllianceUK on @UKGBC blog) and the challenges that this involves in creating sustainable homes from the existing high rise stock. Read all about it here.

Green Deal Fund

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund was opened to new applications for people to improve the energy efficiency of their homes, including £24 million towards solid wall insulation. Find the details here.

The Future of Housing – And How Airtightness Can Help

We’re finishing up with a video, rather than another article. This documentary by House Planning Help (@Houseplanhelp) looks at energy efficiency in new homes, focusing specifically on airtightness testing. It shows how important thermal efficiency is and looks at how airtightness can be improved in homes.

The favourite from our blog this month hasn’t been published yet, so look out for it on Monday – our top posts of 2014. We take a look back through our archives to see what we have been talking about and more importantly what you’ve enjoyed most this year.

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