6 things you get with the Kingspan U-value calculator


Yesterday we looked at what a U-value is and said that using our new online U-value calculator is a simple method of getting the U-value you need for a particular application. However there is more than just the U-Value that you get with our U-value calculator.

So here’s a quick run through of 6 things you get when using our U-Value calculator.

  1. U-value

u-value-calcThe main information our U-Value calculator gives you is in fact a U-value (no surprises there!). This is the number you need to show how little heat will be lost through that build up. It allows you to check that the proposed building work is compliant with Building Regulations / Standards or to compare two different solutions. For more information about how a U-value is calculated, take a look at yesterday’s post on the topic.

  1. Construction Build up

construction-build-upBy working through the questions in our U-Value calculator it will give you the full details of all the layers required for that build up. So if you are building a pitched roof and are not sure if you need a breathable membrane then by clicking on the details of the construction build-up (which is displayed on our calculator) it will give you a list of all the different components required for that build up.

  1. Recommended insulation solution and thickness.

insulation-solutionOur online calculator gives full details of which of our products will meet your build up requirements and be the best solution for that application. We have also included links to our product pages so you can find out all the information you need. We will always recommend our thinnest insulation solution for the U-Value you want to achieve.

  1. Condensation Risk.

All the calculations within our U-value calculator are checked to be free from risk of condensation. This means that if the construction is built with all the layers as detailed in the U-value calculator then there should be no condensation within the build-up.

The condensation risk has been assessed up to and including Level 4 humidity class (dwellings with high capacity) within UK worst case environment conditions. If a thickness of insulation or build up will not pass this then we have made sure it is not included in the calculator.

  1. Printable PDF of calculation

This can be personalised if you add in all your project details. This gives you a document which can be handed to building control officers to show how you are you are intending to meet the Building Regulations/Standards, or to your insulation supplier for the exact specification of insulation. This ensures that you get exactly the right type and thickness of insulation. As it has the full details of the construction build up on the pdf you could also use it as the start of a shopping list.

  1. BBA / TIMSA Competency Scheme.

BBA Certificate CS/1004-2All the U-values have been calculated by a person under the trusted management system: ‘BBA  / TIMSA Scheme for Calculation Competency Part 1 – U–value and Condensation Risk’. This means that all the calculations have been carried out by a BBA approved person – someone who has been trained and certified to carry out U-value calculations. This gives you confidence that your U-value is correct. We have pre-calculated the U-values and our online U-value calculator acts as a look up table to give you a U-value you can be confident in.

So have a play with our online U-value calculator at www.uvalue-calculator.co.uk and make sure you try out all the different features, then let us know what you think, either in the comments below or on Twitter or LinkedIn. We’d welcome your feedback.

To find out more about the u-value calculator and how it works check out the rest of the posts in this series which are linked below.

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