Final Friday Five


February – it’s the shortest month of the year, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing going on! See below for our round up of the best articles from the past month…

Fixing our broken housing market

Earlier this month the … Read the rest

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Internal wall insulation – Passivhaus

Internal wall insulation - Passivhaus
How can you express your undying devotion for the building in your life this Valentine’s week?

Whilst some will opt for showy expressions of affection, such as a new extension or bathroom refit, if you really want to make a … Read the rest

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Let’s get Britain building… better, more efficient homes

Housing White Paper
The government has today (7th February 2017) introduced new plans to ‘fix the broken housing market’ and to build more homes across England.

A series of measures have been announced to get the right homes built in the right places, … Read the rest

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Internal wall insulation – field test

Internal wall insulation blog post
The construction industry received an early Christmas present in mid-December when, after much delay, the Each Home Counts – Bonfield Review was finally published.

The review’s primary objective was to identify ways of ensuring energy efficiency and renewable energy measures … Read the rest

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Biodiversity meets community

Planting trees at Shobdon WWII Memorial
This month has been a great one for supporting local issues as part of our long-term commitment to sustainability and responsibility.

After hearing a plea on local radio for help we were more than happy to head across to Shobdon … Read the rest

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Internal wall insulation – why lambda values matter

Internal wall insulation - why lambda matters
This blog is all about slimming down but, don’t worry, we’re not going to berate you if you’ve broken your new year diet plan. Instead, we’re looking at how to slim down the insulation layer in internal wall insulation (IWI)… Read the rest
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Final Friday Five

Insulation Insight front cover

Hello and welcome to 2017’s first Final Friday Five. We’ve rounded up our top posts and articles from the past month – what do you think? Let us know in the comments below…

Garden villages: Locations of first 14 announcedRead the rest
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Retrofitting solid floor insulation – vacuum insulation panels

OPTIM-R - vacuum insulation panel in floor
If you live in the UK, there’s a good chance your floor isn’t insulated. Around three quarters of British homes were constructed before the first thermal performance requirements for floors were introduced in the 1976 Building Regulations. This means your… Read the rest
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Internal wall insulation – why insulate on the inside?

Snow on roof - internal wall insulation
The winter snow offers a rare opportunity to see effects of poorly insulating homes. Take any row of homes and look for the ones with no snow on the roof. All that wasted heat is money down the drain (or… Read the rest
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The next exciting step in BIM

BIM Objects on U-value Calculator
Some of our readers may have noticed that this week we made an important update to our popular U-value Calculator: the addition of BIM Objects. Our resident expert Hannah Etheridge gives an insight into how and why we are… Read the rest
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